Emo Rapper Shamus Goss Jr. , known by his stage name “Shay Bxxgie” is an eclectic singer, songwriter, model and recording artist based just north of Atlanta. Transcending boundaries, Shay’s profound style takes hold as his versatile artistry encompasses various elements of Punk, R&B and Hip Hop with a hint of Pop. From pursuing his dream as a basketball player, breaking school and personal records, Shay was one of the first sophomores to play varsity at one of the top ranking organizations in the USA, but faltered under unfortunate circumstances. Sentenced to 10 years with 5 years to serve in prison, Shay’s creative mind emerged as he focused his energy on the art of lyricism. Developing his musical talents and skills, Shay channeled his raw emotions and thoughts into words and rhymes, which he masterfully turned into poetry and raps. Label: Last Blessed Kingdxm 

     After serving time, fueled by his unwavering mind set and hunger for success, Shay’s journey began to unfold. Carving out his unique sound, and putting beats and melodies to his lyrics, Shay teamed up with Grammy Award Winning Engineer/Music Producer, Izzy Guerra, to record the first song he ever wrote in prison entitled “Dark”. Exemplifying positive transformation, “Dark” takes on themes of overcoming negativity, temptations, finding God and embracing an optimistic future. Shay’s debut EP entitled “WHX CARES” comprises of 7 tracks including songs like “Nike” and “Limxusine” and was released independently with his team Last Blessed Kingdxm /Major Change. A year later Shay would drop his debut Album called “Emo Clarity” consisting of his hit single “Strangers”. In his debut projects shay opens up about fighting depression and suicidal ideology. Gaining the confidence and motivation to move forward, Shay’s music stands as his testimony and triumph over adversity. With a mission to empower the minds of lost and hopeless children, and instill positive change, it only marks the beginning of greatness for Shay Bxxgie.

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